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The expression or methylation of tumor suppressor genes is used as biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of gastric and colon cancer, and methods for inhibiting the growth of gastric and colon cancer. Highlights: • Tumor suppressor genes in gastric cancer (ZNF545, ADAMTS9, DACT1, RNF180, BCL..... [Detail]
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) distributes widely in plants, including medicinal herbs, and also contaminate our daily-consumed foodstuffs, such as grain crops, honey and milk. Yearly, many intoxication cases induced by PAs are reported. However, up to date, no specific and sensitive method is avail..... [Detail]
Diabetes mellitus is a common chronic disease affecting more than 10% of our population and will lead to devastating complications. Abnormal growth hormone/ insulin-like growth factor-I regulation contributes to the deterioration in glycaemic control in patients with insulin deficiency. Treatment ..... [Detail]
A coding scheme is proposed to transmit a large file to multiple destinations through a communication networks employing network coding. The core component of this scheme is sparse linear matrix codes that extend LT codes from a point-to-point setting to a network setting. With precoding, this sch..... [Detail]
The present invention provides an ideal solution for vibration mitigation systems. Provided is a self-powered, self-sensing magnetorheological (MR) damping device that has electrical power generation, velocity sensing ability while providing controllable damping force, comprising a mechanical assem..... [Detail]
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