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Enjoy the IP success stories below and learn about how buying/ selling an IP helps upgrade your business! You could achieve so by making good use of our platform - Asia IP Exchange.
IP Success: How SHIBAinc Thrives Glocally through Licensing
Patented technologies unlock a world of business opportunities
Success Story of IP Commercialisation (Copyright) – Animation Production
Success Story of IP Commercialisation (Trade Marks) – Non-fried Noodle Products
Success Story of Intellectual Property Commercialisation (Patent) – GRST
Success Story of Intellectual Property Commercialisation (Trademark) – A-Fontane
Business of IP Asia 2019 a success with 10th edition of industry event set for December 2020
Digital emotional rescue
Bubbling Up
Hong Kong Innovations Win Big at 47th International Exhibition of Inventions
Novel Emulsion for Biomedical Uses (Healthcare & Biotechnology)
Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Synthetics (Textile & Clothing)
Patented Laser Authentication Technology for Art Lovers (Testing & Authentication)
Key to future Alzheimer's treatment lies in the past (Healthcare & Biotechnology)
Legal protection turns intellectual assets into commercial winners (IP Trading Tips)
Nanofiber Facemask (Nanotechnology)
Get in the zone to spark new ideas (Healthcare & Biotechnology)
Setting the standard (Electronics & ICT)
Driver to deliver safer travels (Electronics & ICT)
Artistic license (Creative Industries)
The right spark for a green future (Eco-technology)
Creating sustainable synthetics (Textile & Clothing)
Lighting up LED technology (Eco-technology)
Giving LEDs a brighter future (Nanotechnology)
Smart USB sees buyer potential (Electronics & ICT)
Functional Elastic Tapes for Rehabilitation (Healthcare & Biotechnology)
One Mannequin, Many Sizes (Textile & Clothing)
Bacteria Banished (Nanotechnology)
Photovoltaic research commercialised (Eco-technology)
World's First Smart Anti-microbial Coating (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2014
Logistics Industry Stays Ahead with New Innovations (Logistics) - 2014
Gold Medal Success for Hong Kong's Textile Innovations (Textile & Clothing) - 2014
Film Firm gets IP Assistance (Creative Industries) - 2014
HP Licenses Aggressively to “Right” Partners (IP Trading Tips) - 2014
Meshing minds to solve Wi-Fi issues (Logistics) - 2013
IP Protection Enhances Local Firms' Competitiveness Patented 'Hot Pants' British Cycling Team's Secret to Win (Electronics & ICT) - 2013
IP trading helps non-invasive prenatal diagnostic tests benefit medical industry worldwide (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2013
Licenced Augmented Reality Technology enlivens Dinosaur Show (Creative Industries) - 2013
Aero-class Long-haul Bus Infotainment System Hong Kong Firms Capitalising IP Trading to Tap ASEAN Market (Electronics & ICT) - 2013
Good Use of IP Trading - Abraham Chan Promotes TCM Modernization (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2013
Internationalisation of Hai Kang Biotech starts from patent licensing (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2012
Design Company Learning from Experiences Register Patents to Ensure Profits (Creative Industries) - 2012
Dunwell's Venture into Green Consultancy Services Pays Off (Eco-technology) - 2012
HK Manufacturer introduces interactive weight-bearing exercise technology Which helps enter elderly market quickly (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2012
Hong Kong Architect James Law Hopes to Spread His Architectural Designs Around the World by Intellectual Property Trading (Creative Industries) - 2012
Hong Kong Enterprise introduces Ultrasound-guided percutaneous biopsy simulation system for the Beijing 301 Hospital (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2012
Perception Digital Ascends to International Arena Through Innovative R&D Achievements (Electronics & ICT) - 2012
Patent Protection for Innovation Universal Waterproof Camera Case - A Big Hit in Europe and US (Electronics & ICT) - 2012
PolyU-patented yarn production technology helps improve yarn quality - Intellectual property trading opens up a world of applications (Textile & Clothing) - 2012
Hygienic Socks Help Fight Athlete's Foot (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2012
Hong Kong Inventors successfully developed nano-heating technology (Nanotechnology) - 2011
Hong Kong IP Trading Platform Helps Taiwan Companies Exploit Business Opportunities in Various Fields (IP Trading Tips) - 2011
Intellectual property trading paves way to expansion - Hong Kong firm opens up new world through patent licensing (Electronics & ICT) - 2011
Mobile phone doubles as hearing test cum sound improvement system - IP trading helps home-grown technologies excel (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2011
Buying, Licensing is Intellectual Ventures' Bread and Butter (IP Trading Tips) - 2011
Actively Promoting Intellectual Property Trading HK PolyU's "Hand of Hope" gains international recognition (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2011
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