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MPTSC- Model Predictive Trajectory Set Control for Mechatronic Systems

An electronic control method for regulating mechatronic systems, whereby the invention is an approximation of the model predictive regulation. Instead of a value-continuous parameter range, the range of values is discreetly adjusted, whereby the discrepancy can be adjusted to the respective situation.
Technology Benefits
Real-time capable for high sampling frequencies
Intuitive controller design
Flexible use
Contains advantages of MPC
Technology Application
MPTSC can be used for a wide range of mechatronic systems as there are no restrictions on the cost terms and prediction model. Due to the reduced computational effort, MPTSC can also control systems with fast dynamics in real-time.
Detailed Technology Description
Model Predictive Trajectory Set Control (MPTSC), approximatesModel Predictive Control (MPC). This approximation reduces the computational effort significantly, without losing the model predictive character. Essentially, MPTSC is based on the discretization of the input domain and can thereby forego gradient-based optimization algorithms in particular.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
30/06/2017 00:00:00
Application No.
WO2018EP67668 20180629
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- cooperative:

G05B13/04; G05B13/048; H02P29/00; G05B2219/45092
Patent application
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