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WiMDaD Wire Mesh Damage Detection

Comprehensive damage detection in composite materials
Technology Benefits
Cost effective
High temporal resolution
Continuous measurement
Early detection of damage
Technology Application
WiMDaD is a measuring system which can be used especially in large-area parts made out of a composite material
Detailed Technology Description
WiMDaD is a novel, continuous measuring method which is particularly suitable for large-scale applications such as Wind turbine blade is suitable. The sonsor consists of a network of wires whose breaking behavior corresponds to that of the fibers in the composite material. The cross points are connected via diodes. An electronic evaluation unit can switch electrical paths via specific diodes, so that if a line breaks, the defective section can be identified.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
15/03/2016 00:00:00
Application No.
DE201610104725 20160315
- international:
G01B7/16; G01M5/00; G01N27/02

- cooperative:

G01L1/205; G01L1/225; G01L1/2287
Patent application
ID No.

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