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A proliferation marker to visualise cell cycle progression in vitro and in vivo with high spatial resolution of the M-phase
Technology Benefits
Visualising proliferating cells in vitro & in vivo
Identification, isolation and characterisation of proliferating cells
Discrimination between cell division and acytokinetic mitosis / endoreplication
Applicable in cell systems containing a mixture of proliferating, differentiated and post-mitotic cells
Technology Application
VisuVivo can aid to gain knowledge about mechanisms of cell proliferation, which could be useful for stem cell biology as well as regenerative medicine and others.
Detailed Technology Description
The invention provides a nucleic acid expression construct encoding a fusion protein comprising a fluorescence reporter protein (like EGFP) and a protein with a wild-type destruction signal (like Anillin). Localised to subcellular structures during cell cycle progression, it presents a fluorescence marker for imaging cell cycle progression in vitro and in vivo.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
15/07/2010 00:00:00
Application No.
US201013383580 20100715
- international:
A01K67/027; C12N15/63; C12Q1/02; G01N33/50; G01N33/53
- cooperative:
C07K14/4738; C12N15/63
Patent application
ID No.

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