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Solvent-assisted Dyeing of Cotton Fibre – A Laboratory-scale Study

This project explored a textiles dyeing process using organic solvent as a major dyeing medium. The process could significantly reduce the consumption of large amount of water and chemicals as in traditional aqueous dyeing process. Besides, the organic solvent could be recycled and reused. The process could be applied to the materials like linen, silk, wool, and nylon. The fabric dyed in this process, comparing with traditional aqueous dyeing process, shows good colour fastness and similar hand feel.
Technology Benefits
- Using organic solvent instead of water as medium for textile dyeing process.
- Largely reduce water consumption and chemical waste production.
- dyeing without using salt and solvent could be recycled and reused.
- Applicable to materials such as cotton, linen and silk.
Application Date
1. 09/03/2016
2. 09/03/2016
Application No.
1. 201610118947.1
2. PCT/CN2016/075832
Coverage Areas
Dyeing & Finishing
Textile Fabric
Environmental Protection Sustianability
Patent Information
1. Patent filed/China
2. Patent filed/PCT
Mainland China

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