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Personalized treatment based on a patient’s individual brain anatomyMore specific targeting for brain therapiesIncreased safetyDecreased complications associated with neurosurgical treatments [Detail]
Industry Benefits The protein of wool and silk are natural materials. Textiles products processed by these bio-functional finishing materials can have better anti-ultraviolet performance, wrinkle recovery function and tensile strength property. It also fulfills the objective of sustainable deve..... [Detail]
The expression or methylation of tumor suppressor genes is used as biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of gastric and colon cancer, and methods for inhibiting the growth of gastric and colon cancer. Highlights: • Tumor suppressor genes in gastric cancer (ZNF545, ADAMTS9, DACT1, RNF180, BCL..... [Detail]
Energy management efficient for energy saving and the formation of reducing CO2 emission in a public welfare section (a home and business) is demanded. It is the eco-friendly action support system and program which perceived men's (a tenant, employee, etc.) life style and work style unlike former ty..... [Detail]
• Available on computer, and mobile devices (iOS and Android)• Without using additional batteries• Low power consumption• User-friendly APP interface• App with abundant Chinese medicine information• Easy to use, carry and own health [Detail]
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