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Enjoy the IP success stories below and learn about how buying/ selling an IP helps upgrade your business! You could achieve so by making good use of our platform - Asia IP Exchange.
Digital emotional rescue- 2020
Business of IP Asia 2019 a success with 10th edition of industry event set for December 2020- 2020
Bubbling Up- 2019
Hong Kong Innovations Win Big at 47th International Exhibition of Inventions- 2019
Novel Emulsion for Biomedical Uses (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2016
Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Synthetics (Textile & Clothing) - 2016
Patented Laser Authentication Technology for Art Lovers (Testing & Authentication) – 2016
Key to future Alzheimer's treatment lies in the past (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2015
Legal protection turns intellectual assets into commercial winners (IP Trading Tips) - 2015
Nanofiber Facemask (Nanotechnology) - 2015
Get in the zone to spark new ideas (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2015
Setting the standard (Electronics & ICT) - 2015
Driver to deliver safer travels (Electronics & ICT) - 2015
Artistic license (Creative Industries) - 2015
The right spark for a green future (Eco-technology) - 2015
Creating sustainable synthetics (Textile & Clothing) - 2015
Lighting up LED technology (Eco-technology) - 2015
Giving LEDs a brighter future (Nanotechnology) - 2015
Smart USB sees buyer potential (Electronics & ICT) - 2015
Functional Elastic Tapes for Rehabilitation (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2015
One Mannequin, Many Sizes (Textile & Clothing) - 2015
Bacteria Banished (Nanotechnology) - 2015
Photovoltaic research commercialised (Eco-technology) - 2015
World's First Smart Anti-microbial Coating (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2014
Logistics Industry Stays Ahead with New Innovations (Logistics) - 2014
Gold Medal Success for Hong Kong's Textile Innovations (Textile & Clothing) - 2014
Film Firm gets IP Assistance (Creative Industries) - 2014
HP Licenses Aggressively to “Right” Partners (IP Trading Tips) - 2014
Meshing minds to solve Wi-Fi issues (Logistics) - 2013
IP Protection Enhances Local Firms' Competitiveness Patented 'Hot Pants' British Cycling Team's Secret to Win (Electronics & ICT) - 2013
IP trading helps non-invasive prenatal diagnostic tests benefit medical industry worldwide (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2013
Licenced Augmented Reality Technology enlivens Dinosaur Show (Creative Industries) - 2013
Aero-class Long-haul Bus Infotainment System Hong Kong Firms Capitalising IP Trading to Tap ASEAN Market (Electronics & ICT) - 2013
Good Use of IP Trading - Abraham Chan Promotes TCM Modernization (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2013
Internationalisation of Hai Kang Biotech starts from patent licensing (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2012
Design Company Learning from Experiences Register Patents to Ensure Profits (Creative Industries) - 2012
Dunwell's Venture into Green Consultancy Services Pays Off (Eco-technology) - 2012
HK Manufacturer introduces interactive weight-bearing exercise technology Which helps enter elderly market quickly (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2012
Hong Kong Architect James Law Hopes to Spread His Architectural Designs Around the World by Intellectual Property Trading (Creative Industries) - 2012
Hong Kong Enterprise introduces Ultrasound-guided percutaneous biopsy simulation system for the Beijing 301 Hospital (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2012
Perception Digital Ascends to International Arena Through Innovative R&D Achievements (Electronics & ICT) - 2012
Patent Protection for Innovation Universal Waterproof Camera Case - A Big Hit in Europe and US (Electronics & ICT) - 2012
PolyU-patented yarn production technology helps improve yarn quality - Intellectual property trading opens up a world of applications (Textile & Clothing) - 2012
Hygienic Socks Help Fight Athlete's Foot (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2012
Hong Kong Inventors successfully developed nano-heating technology (Nanotechnology) - 2011
Hong Kong IP Trading Platform Helps Taiwan Companies Exploit Business Opportunities in Various Fields (IP Trading Tips) - 2011
Intellectual property trading paves way to expansion - Hong Kong firm opens up new world through patent licensing (Electronics & ICT) - 2011
Mobile phone doubles as hearing test cum sound improvement system - IP trading helps home-grown technologies excel (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2011
Buying, Licensing is Intellectual Ventures' Bread and Butter (IP Trading Tips) - 2011
Actively Promoting Intellectual Property Trading HK PolyU's "Hand of Hope" gains international recognition (Healthcare & Biotechnology) - 2011
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