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Florganica trademark was created for the cosmetics industry. The name is easy to remember and pronounce in different languages. Perfect for natural and organic cosmetics. "Flor" has "floral", "plant-derived" connotations. "Organica" is pure, environment friendly, free from harsh chemicals. Wonderful..... [Detail]
The present inventors have discovered that histidinol-phosphatase is essential for fungal pathogenicity. Specifically, the inhibition of histidinol-phosphatase gene expression in fungi results in small, non-sporulating lesions and reduced pathogenicity. Thus, histidinol-phosphatase can be used as a ..... [Detail]
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) distributes widely in plants, including medicinal herbs, and also contaminate our daily-consumed foodstuffs, such as grain crops, honey and milk. Yearly, many intoxication cases induced by PAs are reported. However, up to date, no specific and sensitive method is avail..... [Detail]
Originated in Hong Kong, McMug and McDull are two little pigs with dummy look and innocent personality drawn by local cartoonist Alice Mak with stories written by Brian Tse. The comics first appeared in 1988 and soon gained popularity , attributed to their meaningful stories covering serious social ..... [Detail]
The Present Inventors Have Discovered That Threonine Synthase Is Essential For Fungal Pathogenicity. Specifically, The Inhibition Of Threonine Synthase Gene Expression In Fungi Results In No Signs Of Successful Infection Or Lesions. Thus, Threonine Synthase Can Be Used As A Target For The Identifica..... [Detail]
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