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This new technology is very important for manufacturing industries such as thin film, electronic and optical devices, and solar panels. The present patent application is directed to a method and an apparatus for measuring the amount of material removed from a target in pulsed laser ablation. [Detail]
The technology aims at authenticating artwork, such as a painting by analyzing the elemental composition of the pigments. Lasers are used to analyze the pigments on the substrate via the vaporization of a small amount of the pigment (i.e. nano grams) by a laser pulse. The dense and exploding vapor..... [Detail]
The degradation of contaminant, PAHs is very ineffective and slow. Beside, during soil composting process, the toxicity of PAHs significantly increased with its increased molecular weight. More difficulty, the biodegradation of molecules containing five or more benzene rings of PAHs molecules is ver..... [Detail]
A new formulation of dehydrated lipid vesicles employs a vesicle preserver and permits the control of release and delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients into the respiratory system for treatment in particular of asthma. [Detail]
This is a pioneer group to harvest neural stem cells from the adult animals, manipulate the stem cells and transplant back into the same subject animal. After receiving the said treatment, all animals remain alive and healthy. This technique may cause significant implications in isolating individual..... [Detail]
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