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The present invention provides an image recognition method for recognizing a plurality of objects in an image, wherein each object is composed of a plurality of image segments. The image recognition method includes the steps of: sequentially acquiring every pixel of the image; identifying a start po..... [Detail]
A fingerprint image acquisition device includes: a light source, a finger touching surface, a convex lens, an image sensor and a grating. The light source is a surface light source, and the grating is disposed on a light output surface of the light source. The light source is configured to emit a li..... [Detail]
The invention relates to a composite substrate for light emitting device and a LED module equipped with the composite substrate for light emitting device. The composite substrate for light emitting device includes a metal substrate, an insulating carrier and an electrode, the metal substrate and the..... [Detail]
The present disclosure provides a LED package structure and a LED light-emitting device. The LED package structure comprises a LED chip and a wavelength converting layer covering the LED chip. The wavelength converting layer contains red phosphor, which has lower amount in edge portion than in cente..... [Detail]
A method for fabricating micromachined structures is provided. At least one cavity is formed on a substrate and then a dielectric material different from the material of the substrate is filled in the at least one cavity. Next, a circuitry layer including a first etch-resistant layer and a dielectri..... [Detail]
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