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Mxi-2 Antibody

Liquid biopsy: non-invasive test for preoperative diagnosis and differentiation of benign and malignant renal carcinoma (Test for malignant kidney cancer)
Technology Benefits
Novel approach: markers for non-invasive diagnosis of kidney Tumors
Optimized treatment and follow-up of patients due to an accurate and valid diagnosis and differentiation of benign kidney tumors and malignant renal carcinomas
Markers also usable for routine medical checkup (persons aged 55 and above)
Monoclonal antibodies designed for use
Urine quick test in development
Technology Application
Detection of the markers in urine makes it possible for the first time to provide urologist and oncologist a non-invasive test for a preoperative diagnosis so as to appropriately treat the patient and plan the follow-up. Cancer screening
Detailed Technology Description
The conception of the future product is to offer a two-step test: After recognising a suspicious event on ultrasonography, the resident urologist is able to test the urine of the patient with a test-strip or ELISA which combines both markers. If the kidney tumor is benign (Oncocytoma), Vim3 is detectable. In case of positive Mxi-2 detection, the tumor is malignant (RCC). No staining indicates no kidney tumor is present. After the surgery the result will be confirmed in the removed tumor tissue.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
10/07/2018 00:00:00
Application No.
WO2018EP68713 20180710

- international:
C07K14/47; C12Q1/68
- cooperative:
C12N9/12 (EP); C12Q1/6886 (EP); C12Y207/11024 (EP); C12Q2600/158 (EP)
Patent application
ID No.
4922/ related to 3485

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