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Property- graded extruded section. Extrusion press

The invention "extruder for the production of non-porous profiles from chips and scrap" relates to a device for producing aluminum profiles from chips. The invention "Property Graded Extrusions" relates to a process for producing extruded profiles from aluminum turnings.
Technology Benefits
Mechanical properties can be adjusted without restrictions
Properties such as corrosion resistance, thermal expansion, conductivity, weldability or even magnetic properties can be changed over the length of the profile
Better metallurgical connections
Transitions between zones can be precisely defined
Technology Application
In the automotive industry, the aluminium profils due to the weight- saving potential. For example the crash box, which is located between the bumper and the chassis, so that the forces acting in an accident forces are introduced via the crash box in the chassis. The deformation of the passenger compartment is thereby avoided.
Detailed Technology Description
The invention realizes a process for producing property- graded extrudes profiles by preparing a compact of targeted mixtures of release residues followed by the extrusion process. The method is characterized in that the targeted mixtures of seperating residues of different alloys of material or materials with different properties such as strength, ductility, weldability, etc. can be compiled
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
Application No.
DE20121002009 20120203
- international:
- cooperative:
B21C23/04; B21C23/22; B21C27/00; B21C33/00; B21C33/004
Patent application
ID No.
3296/ together with 2938

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