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MRGPRX4 Receptor Agonists and Antagonists

New drug target for treating open and closed wounds as well as chronic pain and itc
Technology Benefits
New drug target for several diseases, e.g.
Neuropathic pain
Skin inflammation
Chronic pain
Open wounds &
Closed wounds
Technology Application
The technology embodies potent and selective MRGPRX4 receptor agonists and antagonists, that may especially be used for treating pain and inflammatory conditions, such as neuropathic or chronic pain, itch, skin diseases, immune diseases, and cancer.
Detailed Technology Description
The MRGPRX (mas-related G protein-coupled receptor X) subfamily is only expressed in primates including humans and belongs to the group of orphan receptors, for which the cognate agonists are unknown.
The human MRGPRX4 receptor represents a fundamentally new drug target, and the development of potent MRGPRX4 receptor agonists, partial agonists, and antagonists / inverse agonists to be used for the treatment of MRGPRX4-associated conditions, disorders or diseases requires the design of novel drugs.
Type of Cooperation
Patent application
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