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Intelligent charging for electric vehicles

common-mode- free three-phase non-isolated on-board charges
Technology Benefits
Reduction in material costs
Efficiency increase
Weight reduction
Simple circuit concept
Low parasitic effects
Prevention of common-mode interference
Technology Application
All battery-based electric vehicles, be it EVs (electric vehicles) or plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs), could use this circuit method in the future. Major car manufacturers and suppliers of charging components are currently working on efficient charging concepts for electric vehicles to reduce charging times and costs (material and electrical operating losses) and to increase range, including by reducing weight.
Detailed Technology Description
The invention is based on the modification of a basic circuit in the OBC power path – this makes it possible to do without the isolating power circuit including the power transformer and replace it with a simple non-isolated DC/DC converter. Savings can also be achieved with regard to the EMC filter, thus enabling the power density and efficiency of the OBC to be increased. The invention additionally allows for the full use of 650V switches such as silicon MOSFETs or, in the future, GaN transistors.
Type of Cooperation
Patent application
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