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SUpDEq - Spatial Upsampling by directional Equalization

Spatio-temporal spectral equalization of spherically measured head-related transfer function
Technology Benefits
Drastic reduction of the measuring effort and the measuring duration
Drastic reduction of computational effort in binaural synthesis
Outstanding playback quality
User-customized individualization of head geometries possible
Technology Application
Headphone-based 3D audio
Head-mounted displays
Lifelike audio reproduction of sound events in clubs, concert halls, opera houses and sports stadiums
Silent Disco / Quiet Clubbing
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Detailed Technology Description
Based on the spatial-temporal-spectral equalization of the spherical data sets. This shifts the energy of the HRTF ( head-related transfer functions) sets in the SH domain to much smaller orders. A much lower spatial order can be used for measurement, storage and interpolation. The effort for the measurement and storage of an HRTF record is thus significantly reduced.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
07/11/2018 00:00:00
Patent application
ID No.

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