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3D motion detection - MARG sensor and coil for 3D orientation and position determination

Despite detecting 3D rotatoy movement, this invention can also detect Translational 3D movement, can also worn on the body without requiring visual contact between system component.
Technology Benefits
Mobile 3D tracking system
Energy saving system
Small number of components
Compact design
Technology Application
Applications are planned in both human and veterinary medicine. The areas of application include biomechanics or rehabilitation, sports and fitness, virtual reality and robotics.
Detailed Technology Description
The system consists of two portable modules: a source module and a sensor module. Both modules contain a MARG sensor (ie a combination of 3D acceleration sensor, 3D yaw rate sensor and 3D magnetometer), a battery and a microcontroller. In addition, the source module has a coil. In order to determine not only rotational but also translatory movements between the two modules, the source module uses the coil to generate a magnetic field. The sensor module determines the amplitude and phase of the coil magnetic field from the measured magnetic field and determines therefrom the 3D position in relation to the source module.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
13/07/2018 00:00:00
Patent application
ID No.

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