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Rapid tooling - Correction of the step effect in layered components by means of additive and post-processing

The invention enables a resource-efficient process chain for the production of (hybrid) components or tools, in which a large-volume base body is produced quickly and inexpensively from individual sheet metal lamellae.
Technology Benefits
Energy efficient (hybrid) construction
Elimination of the staircase effect
Fast, inexpensive production of components
Flexible manufacturing functionality
Technology Application
Fast and cost-effective manufacture of components and tools with extended properties and functionalities as well as in rapid prototyping.
Detailed Technology Description
In principle, conventional components or tools manufactured using the layered laminate process have a clear step effect (staircase effect).
The following process chain was developed to reduce or eliminate this step effect:
1) Layer laminate process
2) Laser powder deposition welding
3) smooth rolling.
The segment differences of the staircase effect are filled in by laser powder deposition welding and then the component surface is leveled to the exact contour using incremental smooth rolling.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
17/05/2018 00:00:00
Application No.

DE20181004294 20180517

- Internationale:
B23K26/342; B23P9/04; B33Y10/00
- Gemeinsame
B23K26/342 (EP); B23P15/246 (EP); B23P9/04 (EP); B33Y10/00 (EP); B23P2700/12 (EP)
Patent application
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