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Combinatory Asthma Endoytping Assay

An easy-to-use test for a precise stratification of asthma patients, which facilitates a personalized and targeted selection of the best effective therapeutic antibody.
Technology Benefits
First diagnostic test for asthma endotyping that is relevant to the therapeutic strategy, particularly regarding the identification of the asthma subtype and the selection of the best suitable antibody
Easy-to-use and cost efficient
Compatible with existing laboratory equipment and routine
Technology Application
easy-to-use test for a more precise stratification of asthma patients and thus facilitates a personalized and better targeted therapeutic strategy
Detailed Technology Description
The invention is a PCR-based method for the differential diagnosis (combinatory transcriptomic endotyping) of asthma subtypes from blood (liquid biopsies). The method comprises the measurement of 32 RNA-biomarkers (including two house-keeping markers), a dedicated PCR microwellplate for the assay and a combinatory methodology including a software algorithm for analysis and determination of the asthma subtype.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
25/07/2019 00:00:00
Patent application
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