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Nano-Goethite blocker yield increase in crude oil production

The method serves to increase the flow rate and / or flow rate in oil production. Blocking water flow paths optimizes oil production.
Technology Benefits
Blocking of water flow paths during oil extraction
Non-toxic, low-cost particles
Easy to handle
Blockade of flow paths during the refurbishment of heavy metals
Biodegradation of contaminants in sediments by pollutants
Impurities are adsorbed by the particles in the sediments
Prevention of the spread of pollutants
Technology Application
The method serves to increase the final recovery of oil production by modifying the water flow paths in the pore space. In addition, the particles stop the migration of toxic contaminants after accidents and damage
Detailed Technology Description
method for modifying the hydraulic conductivity of sedimentary or rock layers. Here, colloidal goethite iron particles (NP) are suspended in a liquid and introduced via the borehole in the sediment or rock layers. In the pores of the sedimentary or rock layers, the pretreated particles precipitate and thus reduce the conductivity of the aqueous underground microchannels and preferential water flow paths.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
21/02/2018 00:00:00
Application No.
DE201810103952 20180221

- Internationale:
C09K17/00; C09K8/50; E21B33/13
- Gemeinsame
C09K8/5045 (EP); C09K8/516 (EP); C09K8/584 (EP); C09K8/588 (EP); C09K8/594 (EP); C09K2208/10 (EP)
Patent application
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