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Novel cardiotomy reservoir on microporous hollow fibers
Technology Benefits
Simple construction
Low cost
High efficiency in removing gas bubbles
Allows simultaneous oxygenation of the blood
Technology Application
The invention Bubble-EX can be used in the operating theater as well as in mobile applications.
If oxygen is also added, Bubble-EX can also partially take over the function of an oxygenator.
Detailed Technology Description
It consists of three components: a container as a blood volume depot in which a hollow fiber module is arranged, with the blood flowing through the container along the outside of the hollow fibers and the hollow fiber module having a gas inlet and a gas outlet. Gas inlet and outlet can be connected to a vacuum pump in order to degas the blood and thus avoid air bubbles in the blood. If the gas inlet is supplied with oxygen, the blood can be enriched with oxygen at the same time as being vented if an appropriate oxygen flow is selected.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
22/03/2018 00:00:00
Application No.
DE20181002385 20180322

- Internationale:
A61M1/10; A61M1/14; A61M1/16; A61M1/34
- Gemeinsame
A61M1/1698 (EP); A61M1/32 (EP); A61M1/3627 (EP); A61M2205/7536 (EP)
Patent application
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