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Compact MR measuring system - Detection of magnetic nanoparticles in lubricants

An invention with a prototype for the detection of the concentration and agglomeration of magnetic nanoparticles in cordage at the site of their use.
Technology Benefits
Easy sample preparation,
Not time-consuming cleaning after measurement,
Continuous measurements possible
Technology Application
In order to ensure a safe and permanent operation of machines and equipments such as elevators, load cranes, ski lifts etc., u.a. the lubricant quality is monitored. It is important to determine the particle concentrations of magnetic components in the lubricant. This invention is therefore interesting for "critical assets" - infrastructure facilities for which a secure and continuous operation is a deciding factor for success.
Detailed Technology Description
The "point-of-inspection system" is a detection device that allows the concentration and size of magnetizable particles in lubricants such as oil and hydraulic fluids to be continuously determined. Since the particles are not separated from the sample medium as usual, sampling, sample preparation and sample pretreatment are eliminated. Also, a cleaning of the measuring device after each measurement is not required. The principle: The particle-loaded sample moves through a magnetic field, which is generated for example by a coil.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
14/12/2017 00:00:00
Application No.
WO2018EP84949 20181214
- international:
G01N27/72; G01N27/74; G01R33/00; G01R33/09; G01R33/12; G01R33/14; G01R33/26
- cooperative:
G01N27/74 (EP); G01R33/0082 (EP); G01R33/1223 (EP); G01R33/1276 (EP); G01R33/093 (EP)
Patent application
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