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WOOD-SPRING - Flat dowel for lightweight elements in furniture and interior design

Inseparable connecting element for panel-shaped lightweight construction elements in sandwich construction, which can be used similarly to flat dowels for classic solid wood materials, including for sandwich elements.
Technology Benefits
Flat dowels for sandwich panels
Interlocking adhesion bond without foreign materials
Suitable for individually formatted panels
Can be used directly in open narrow edges
Corner and tenon joints possible
Different profiles possible
Technology Application
Panel-shaped lightweight construction elements in sandwich construction are increasingly used in furniture construction and interior fittings, with the elements being preferably formatted from a large panel.
Detailed Technology Description
WOOD-SPRING interlocks into the soft core of the lightweight construction element between the upper and lower surface. This is achieved by the the dowel side, which is glued into the soft part, having approximately the same dimension as the distance between the face layers of the panel. The recess is chosen so that when inserted, the WOOD-SPRING edge is flush with the narrow edge of the lightweight element in the center of the flat dowel. The now protruding dowel tongue is glued into the slot of the second panel, whereby again both sandwich
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Application Date
30/03/2017 00:00:00
Application No.
DE201710106922 20170330
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