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Future Display Technology - Large Area Planar Lightguide

A two dimensional optical waveguide with very low
attenuation. Incident light can be collected over the whole surface and propagate along the plane. can be used for a new type of display. Complete usage of light according to disturbution all over the waveguide and released only where its needed.
Technology Benefits
Low loss planar waveguide and light collector in one device
Enables displays with very low energy consumption and high contrast ratio
Light is collected in the dark parts of an image and released only in the bright parts.
No loss of backlight brightness like in conventional LCDs
Very fast switching speed
Technology can also be used as large scale light concentrator for photovoltaic power generation
Technology Application
Battery runtime is a key feature for any mobile application. In smartphones and tablets most of the energy is needed for the illumination of the large display. The presented technology can be used to dramatically reduce the energy consumption of displays and to improve the readability in bright sunlight.
Detailed Technology Description
The scientific background of this invention is a light scattering film in the node of a planar waveguide mode. Here the scattering film is invisible for propagating modes unless the waveguide is detuned. This way the node position is changed and the corresponding pixel area emits the light of the waveguide. As the pixels that are switched off collect ambient light, the display brightness adjusts according to the ambience. Even more important, the ability to efficiently extract light from a low-loss waveguide is expected to be a game changer for displays.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
10/11/2016 00:00:00
Application No.

DE20161013330 20161110
Internationale: G02B6/10; G02B6/26; G02B6/34; G02B6/42; G09F9/30 Gemeinsame: G02B6/0035 (EP); G02B6/0041 (EP); G02F1/011 (EP); G02F1/035 (EP); G02B6/0068 (EP); G02B6/0076 (EP); G02F2201/302 (EP)
Patent application
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