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microRNA-92 as a new serum marker to measure the activity of brown adipose tissue in obesity and pathological leanness.
Technology Benefits
Novel and simple method for the measurement of brown adipose tissue activity
First of its kind method for the routine clinical use in large patient cohorts
Functional screening tool for the development of drugs for weight-related and metabolic diseases
Technology Application
The measurement of BAT activity is not only important in the diagnosis and treatment of weight-related diseases, but is also a screening tool for the development of drugs that regulate the BAT activity. Such drugs are of use in pathological leanness (e.g. cachexia), obesity and other metabolic diseases.
Detailed Technology Description
The current procedure utilizes glucose-based, radioactive tracer, positron-emission-tomographie combined with computer-tomography and requires pre-treatment of the patients by cold exposure. The present invention is a technology that significantly simplifies the measurement of BAT by PCR-based quantification of exosomal microRNA-92a in serum. Exosomal miR-92a levels inversely correlate with BAT activity. This novel method is as the first of its kind qualified to routinely measure the BAT activity in large cohorts of patients.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
27/09/2016 00:00:00
Application No.
EP20160775185 20160927
- cooperative:
C12Q1/6806; C12Q1/686; C12Q1/6883; A61K31/36; C12Q2600/136; C12Q2600/158; C12Q2600/178
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