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Kallikrein-8 as an early biomarker for the prediction and diagnosis of Alzheimer`s disease – even of precursor stages long before clinical symptoms appear.
Technology Benefits
First-in-class therapy approach for AD
For the treatment and prevention of AD
Biomarker for predicting and diagnosing AD – even precursor stages of AD long before clinical symptoms appear
Molecular mode of action largely deciphered
Technology Application
KLK8 is a potential (early) biomarker for the diagnosis of for Alzheimer’s disease. Antibody-mediated inhibition of KLK8 is a promising therapeutic approach against for Alzheimer’s disease.
Detailed Technology Description
Four weeks of KLK8 inhibition in a moderate disease stage is sufficient to mitigate multiple features of Alzheimer’s pathology in mice without causing any adverse reactions. Cerebral KLK8 blockade reduces amyloid β (Aβ) pathology by impeding amyloidogenic amyloid-precursor-protein (APP) processing, facilitating Aβ clearance across the blood-brain-barrier and boosting microglial Aβ phagocytosis and autophagy, resulting in decreased Aβ plaque burden.
KLK8 inhibition further attenuates tau pathology by suppressing tau phosphorylation signaling and subsequent tau hyperphosphorylation.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
02/12/2016 00:00:00
Application No.
EP20160775537 20160921
- international:
A61K39/395; A61P25/28; C07K16/40; G01N33/53
- cooperative:
A61K39/395; A61P25/28; C07K16/40; A61K2039/505; A61K2039/54; A61K9/51; C07K2317/76
Patent application
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