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Braking resistor - circuit for recovering braking energy from electric motors

The novel braking resistor consists of a power electronic circuit, with which the braking energy can be fed back to a three-phase system. The recovery of braking energy can thus save energy, reduce costs and relieve the burden on the environment.
Technology Benefits
Recovery of the braking energy of an electric motor
Environmentally friendly
Easy to retrofit
Small size
Technology Application
Such a retrofit kit makes it possible to retrofit even electric motors that have been in operation for years in environmentally friendly way and without much effort.
Detailed Technology Description
To decelerate an electric motor, the remaining kinetic and magnetic energy must be removed from the system. This is usually done with brake resistors that convert the energy to heat. In addition to the problem that the resistor must apply a very high-power output for a very short amount of time, this has the disadvantage that the energy released during braking can no longer be used.
The novel brake resistor consists of a power electronic circuit, with which the braking energy can be fed back into a three-phase system. The circuit has been optimized for the highest reliability, a small size of the mains filter and with regard to the EMC performance.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
30/03/2016 00:00:00
Application No.
DE20151004162 20150401
- international:
H02M5/44; H02M7/44

- cooperative:

B60L15/007; B60L55/00; B60L7/10; H02M7/53854; H02M7/53871; H02M7/79; B60L2240/526; H02M2001/007; H02P2101/40; Y02E60/721; Y02T10/644; Y02T10/645; Y02T10/7005; Y02T10/7072; Y02T90/121; Y02T90/127; Y02T90/128; Y02T90/14; Y02T90/163; Y04S10/126
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