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Combination machine - Fomrative, additive and subtractive production in one clamping

The combination machine is a hybrid technology that combines incremental forming with additive manufacturing for the first time. The machine is suitable for the production of special components in small series.
Technology Benefits
Combination of different manufacturing processes
Only one setup
Reduction of handling effort
Production of hybrid components
High energy, time and resource efficiency
Quality improvement
No component-specific tools required
Individualized products
Technology Application
With the combination machine, sheet metal parts consisting of a simple basic shape and a detailed functional element can be manufactured much cheaper and faster than with additive manufacturing alone. The machine is suitable for the production of special components in small series.
Detailed Technology Description
In the machine, sheets can first be made into a basic shape by incremental forming without a component-specific tool. Subsequently, by additive methods such as e.g. the laser powder deposition welding geometrically complex form and functional elements applied. This is also possible on curved surfaces. A reworking of the surface by smooth and deep rolling as well as milling and drilling is also possible. The required tools are housed in an automatic tool magazine.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date

Application No.
DE20141014202 20140922
- international:
B21D22/00; B23K26/34; B23P17/00; B23P23/04
- cooperative:
B21D31/005; B23K26/0093; B23K26/0823; B23K26/0884; B23K26/14; B23K26/342; B23K37/0235; B23P15/00; B23P23/04; B23K2103/04
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