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OPoLICom - Optimized Powerline Communication System

OPoLiCom is a system that continously monitors the input impedance over the frequency. By using OFDM with strong channel coding, the lack of a part of the transmission frequencies can be compensated without information of the reciever.
Technology Benefits
Low cost
Low power consumption
Improved transmission
No hardware changes necessary
Complies with EN 50056-1
Applicable to
o IEEE 1901.2
o ITU-T G.9903
o ITU-T G.9904
o PLC-G3

Technology Application
OPoLiCom is a system that can improve power line communication and that also helps to reduce the power consumption of the transmitter. OPoLiCom complies with EN 50056-1 and thus it can play an important role in the "smart metering". No changes to the hardware of the transmitter and the receiver are necessary
Detailed Technology Description
OPoLiCom is a system that continuously monitors the access impedance over frequency. If the access impedance spectral density below a threshold value, in the respective frequency range, no power is fed. Since the maximum power consumption of a PLC transmitter is limited, it ensures that in the frequency ranges with sufficiently high access impedance sufficient power can be fed. This is necessary for a good signal-to-noise ratio
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
05/03/2015 00:00:00
Application No.
DE201410204673 20140313
- international:
H04B3/04; H04B3/54; H04J11/00

- cooperative:

H04B3/544; H04L5/0007; H04L5/0044
Patent application
ID No.

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