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SEI forming electrolyte additive 3

"SEI-forming Electrolyte additive 3" describes a substance as an electrolyte additive and a process for forming an SEI (Solid Electrolyte Interphase) film for lithium-ion batteries.
Technology Benefits
Enhanced temperature stability
Improved safety
Suitable for long-lasting lithium-ion batteries
Simple synthesis of fNS
Enhanced anti-oxidation properties and cycle stability
Compatible with electrode materials
Lab tested
Technology Application
Lithium ion batteries are widely used as mobile energy storage.
Detailed Technology Description
According to the invention, the compound 6,6-difluoro-1,2,4-thiadiazinane-3,5-dione 1,1-dioxide is added to the electrolyte in low concentration. During the first charge / discharge cycle, the material on the graphite electrode decomposes to form a layer which protects the electrode surface
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
20/06/2012 00:00:00
Application No.
DE201210105377 20120620
- international:
- cooperative:
C07D285/18; H01M10/052; H01M10/0567; H01M10/0569; H01M10/0525; H01M10/0566; H01M2300/0025; H01M2300/0028
Patent application
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