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IAP - Intrinsic Antimicrobial Polymers.

novel intrinsic antimicrobial polymers. antimicrobial polymers are polymers with antimicrobial additives such as silver or copper
Technology Benefits
IAP as thermoplastic or thermoset material (UP-Resin, VE-Resin, VEU-Resin)
Cost effective (one patent allows a very cost effective way of production)
Cheap and convenient synthesis and processing
Variety of possible product applications
Environmentally friendly, no biocide additives needed
Technology Application
Several groups of polymers have been developed (homopolymers and copolymers) with favorable processing characteristics, e.q. can be used in an injection molding process or press molding.
Detailed Technology Description
Functionalized monomers, containing amine or quaternary ammonium/phosphonium can be polymerized to intrinsically microbial polymers. Unfortunately, they suffer from poor material properties (low glass transition temperature, high water uptake). The novel intrinsic antimicrobial polymers overcome these shortcomings
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
31/01/2014 00:00:00
Application No.
WO2014EP51955 20140131
- international:
A01N33/04; A01N61/00; A01P1/00; C08F12/28; C08L101/00; C08L25/18; C09D139/00; C09D201/00; C09D5/14; C09D7/12; C09J11/08; C09J139/00; C09J201/00

- cooperative:
A01N33/04; A01N37/34; A01N37/44; A01N43/40; C08F112/14; C08F12/28; C08F212/14; C08F26/02; C08F26/06; Y10T156/10 more
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