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RoProFlex und RoProBend - Incremental tube forming

A method (and a corresponding device) for the production of profiles which have symmetrical and asymmetrical cross sections which vary along their longitudinal axis.
Technology Benefits
Variable cross sections along the longitudinal axis
High process flexibility
Large variety of workpieces
Suitable for small series
Different types of forming possible
Comparatively low tool costs
Technology Application
Incremental forming, tube bending, flexible forming technology, profile forming, variety of shapes that can be achieved. Lightweight body parts in the automotive sector, heat exchanger tubes, ultra-light precision parts (gearwheels or compressor screws) and even medical technology implants, production is possible, and this at comparatively low tool costs
Detailed Technology Description
RoProFlex describes a process (and a corresponding device) for the production of profiles that have symmetrical and asymmetrical cross-sections across their longitudinal axis. Starting from a tube-like or profile-like material, any profile shape is formed in several steps by means of a pressure or piercing tool, any shape being possible about the circumference and the longitudinal axis.
RoProBend is an extension of the basic process, in which an additional bending unit is attached behind the tool head.
The processes are suitable for kinematic as well as for positive and combined forming and, thanks to the optional bending step, enable the manufacture of almost any profile component.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
27/06/2010 00:00:00
Application No.

- international:
B21D15/02; B21D17/00; B21D21/00; F16S3/02
- cooperative:
B21C37/155 (EP); B21D15/02 (EP); B21D22/025 (EP); B21D31/00 (EP); B21D31/005 (EP)
Patent application
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