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FMED liquid matrix fragrance source test preparation for explosive peroxidic explosives

The FMED invention (FlüssigMatrix - EchtstoffDuftquelle) describes a preparation of moderately volatile organic explosives (e.g. TATP) in a fluid matrix
Technology Benefits
Safe handling of peroxide explosive substances
Usable for volatile and highly sensitive peroxides (TATP and HMTD)
Long-lasting and efficient authentic substance samples
Production of reproducible scent sources with defined composition
Simple dosing
Conditioning of sniffer dogs and sensors
Inexpensive starting materials
Technology Application
Safe real substance testing agents are essential for training sniffer dogs. An easily handled and reliable alternative to existing testing agents has good sales prospects here. The FMED invention is directed towards companies that have specialized in the development of test specimens or sensors for explosives.
Detailed Technology Description
FMED is chemically inert and olefactorically neutral. In particular peroxide explosives with high sensitivity to friction, impact and electrostatic discharge can be handled safely this way. The explosive material can evaporate from the matrix. Therefore, the preparation is a safe scent source of authentic substance.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
18/06/2010 00:00:00
Application No.
WO2010EP58660 20100618

- international:

- cooperative:
C06B23/00 (EP); C07C407/00 (EP); C07C407/006 (EP); C07C2601/14 (EP)

C07C407/00, C07C409/34 (EP);
C07C407/006, C07C409/20 (EP)
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