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E-Lumi-Tex - Active lighting through textile finishing

Production of an actively shining textile structure ohene woven metal threads or other conductive substrates in the textile. Individual electrodes, active luminescent layers and other additional layers are applied to any textile. The flexible textile lights up after application of an electrical potential depending on the luminescent pigment used.
Technology Benefits
High product diversity, as any textile surfaces can be printed
Traditional application methods of the textile industry
Amazing Light Effect
Industrially feasible
Complementary coloring and design options
Technology Application
E-Lumi-Tex has been developed primarily for decorative purposes in home textiles and commercial sectors; the technology is being further developed for other applications such as automotive or safety textiles.
Detailed Technology Description
The invention describes the manufacture of a textile actively illuminating. The individual electrodes, the active luminescent layer and other additional layers are applied to any textile in various process steps. The flexible fabric illuminates by applying an electrical current "from within" in different colours depending on the luminescent pigment. Through dyeing or printing of the textile additional colours can be produced. The present method requires no metallic fibres or other conductive surfaces in the textile.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
20/05/2010 00:00:00
Application No.
DE20091026409 20090520
- international:
A41D13/01; H05B33/14

- cooperative:

D06M15/63; D06N3/183; D06N7/00; D06P1/0012; D06N2209/041; D06N2209/043; D06N2209/0861; D06N2209/0892; D06N2211/10; H01L2251/5338; H01L2251/558; H01L27/3239; H01L51/0004; H01L51/0022; H01L51/0097; H01L51/56
Patent application
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