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'Bush delicata', an AAS Winning Winter Squash for Fresh Market

Detailed Technology Description
‘Bushdelicata’, an AAS winning winter squash variety developed by Cornell Universityplant breeders for production in the U.S.

Plant Variety Protection number200000172


‘Bushdelicata’ is an oblong-shaped squash that presents a tidy bush habit hence issuitable for production at tight spacing. ‘Bush delicata’ has cream-color skinand forest-green stripes and flecks. It displays a smooth sweet light orangeflesh. ‘Bush Delicata’ ripens early and is tolerant of powdery mildew. AnAll-American Selections winner!



Potential Application

  • Commercial production in the U.S.
Jessica Lygajml73@cornell.edu607-255-0270

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