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Magnetic Diode Based Programmable Logic

Technology Benefits
High speed Ease of fabrication Combining logic and memory
Detailed Technology Description
Magnetoresistive semiconductor heterojunctions to create a complete transistor and diode logic family that is superior to CMOS due to its smaller number of devices, reduced power and high frequency#devices #fabrication #semiconductor #transistor

Magnetic semiconductor devices are used as building blocks for programmable logic architecture. Using magnetic diodes and transistors Northwester researchers have shown the possibility of programmable gates. Changing a gate using magnetic fields that are generated using currents creates many unique capabilities. One such capability is the possibility of an inversion operation using a diode. Diode logic using conventional semiconductor devices is incomplete as none of the inverted gates can be achieved. They show the possibility of a complete logic using one or more of these magnetic diodes.

Nikhil RangarajuBruce Wessels

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