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Bacterial Plasmid Encoding a GST-THAP11 (aa132-313) Fusion Protein for Research

Technology Benefits
High volumes ofrecombinant protein can be producedProtein is tagged for affinitypurification
Detailed Technology Description
Plasmid for expression of GST-Thanatos-associated protein (THAP) fusion protein#researchtool #reagent

Thanatos-associatedprotein (THAP) contains an atypical zinc finger motif with sequence-specificDNA-binding activity. Emerging data suggest that THAP proteins may function inchromatin-dependent processes, including transcriptional regulation. The rolesof most THAP proteins in normal and aberrant cellular processes remain largelyunknown. THAP11 has been identified as a transcriptional regulatordifferentially expressed in human colon cancer. Northwestern researchers havemade and successfully used a plasmid encoding a GST-THAP11 (aa132-313) fusionprotein. The recombinant protein can be affinity purified and is useful forvarious research purposes.

Debabrata Chakravarti*John Brandon ParkerSantanu Palchaudhuri
Parker JB, Palchaudhuri S, Yin H, Wei J, Chakravarti D. (2012) Atranscriptional regulatory role of the THAP11-HCF-1 complex in colon cancercell function. Molecular and CellularBiology.  32(9):1654-1670.

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