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Personalized device for upper limb(grip movement) rehabilitation

Rehabilitative device for gaining the grip movement of the upper neuro-motoric distortions.
Technology Benefits
More efficient rehabilitation through the combination of various
rehabilitation methods: Anthropomorphic customization of the splint; Designed for independent use; Immediate limb movement (biofeedback); Customization of the areas of electric-stimulation; 3d printing - production in small quantities; Innovative production process; 3d printing allows continuous evolution/development of the device (customization, ergonomics, interface, aesthetics); Use of technologies already on the market (muscular electricstimulation).
Technology Application
Biomedical; Assistive / rehabilitational device for personal and independent
use and at home / hospital; FES (functional muscular electric-stimulation) based system; Personalized and customized medical device.
Detailed Technology Description
System based on muscular electric-stimulation composed of a wearable sleeve for the affected hand and a control glove for the functional hand. By contracting/extending the functional hand's palm, user gets the
same movement of the affected hand(generated by electric stimulation of the muscles), achieving the movement of a
simultaneous, bilateral grip/release. The sleeve, thanks to 3D scanning of a limb and production with SLS ( laser 3d printing), ensures perfect measurement and
customized placement of the electrodes. Both elements are designed to ensure independence while dressing and using the device. Main idea is to combine exercise with the critical daily activities in
order to gain more motivation to continue with rehabilitation.
Type of Cooperation
Licensing / Joint development partnership
Application Date
Application No.
A61N 1/26 - A61N 1/04
ID No.

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