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A device for cleaning, painting and maintenance of lighting poles is an easy and convinient solution to the technical problem of cleaning, painting and maintaining lighting and other poles alongside trails, roads and highways.
Technology Benefits
It eliminates the need for a worker to climb up the pole, requires only a minimum number of operators, less operative space for the crew, equipment and tools, no need to block the traffic and significantly less time to complete repair or maintenance tasks.
Technology Application
The device can also be used without the tools, simply to move an operator up and down the entire pole in order to perform other tasks, e.g. change lightbulbs or perform any other technical intervention that requires climbing of a worker.
Detailed Technology Description
It is composed of a joined and fixed main structure (1) and the main structure distancer (9), which together make a robust unit containing the main drive axle (4), a bearing (11) and a drive (3) that enables the device to move up and down the pole, while the main driving roller (2), the clamping roller (6) and the leading roller (12) allow the device to adhere to the pole. The device is structured to allow fixing of additional equipment (tools),
Type of Cooperation
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Application Date
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