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Joint for repeated joining of elements of plywood products intended for the repeated joining and dismantling of a product’s elements.
Technology Benefits
Using the joint accelerates the manufacturing process, saves space and cuts costs in the complete procedure of using a product or a service or its intended function.
Using the joint solves the problem of joining a product’s elements without the use of bonding material or additional joining materials or tools. By using it also enables the following: possibility to disassemble a product, integrity of design ideas, using one material for production of the entire product, improving environmental protection and occupational safety, and application not generating additional waste in the process of joining and dismantling. Using the joint on products which are not usually or repeatedly dismantled reduces the space required for storage and/or transport.
Technology Application
For products made of plywood (e.g. packaging, toys, etc.) used in the industrial sector, private households, and the service industry, there arises a particular issue of the product’s ability for one-time or repeated disassembly for storage or transport.
Detailed Technology Description
The joint for the repeated joining of elements, which includes hooked tenons (1) and tenons (2), which after insertion into the mortise (4), a reliable elastic disassemblable joint of plywood surfaces, is realized by the elastic elements of hooked tenon (1) and tenon (2) with slots (3) are made as an integral part of surface (A), and the mortise (4) as an integral part of surface (B), in the manner that by insertion of the structure, made of elements (1), (2), and (3) on surface (A) into the mortise (4) on surface (B), there is a reliable, disassemblable joint provided between surface (A) and surface (B).
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