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The mirror for a side back dead angle check.
Technology Benefits
The mirror enables the check of the view, hard to see called the dead angle which arises in back right and left in the position of a driver's eyes at the time of operation of an automobile.
Technology Application
Car appliance
Detailed Technology Description
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a blind spot confirmation mirror capable of easily and certainly confirming blind spots in side oblique rearward directions, capable of being manufactured at the relatively low cost without necessity of converting or replacing an existing mirror, and capable of easily adjusting an angle of the mirror inside a vehicle.SOLUTION: The side rear blind spot confirmation mirror can certainly confirm oblique rear parts being blind spots further outer than right and left rear parts near vehicle sides that can be confirmed by a rear confirmation mirror for an automobile. The mirror is installed inside the vehicle, in which a supporting rod is fixed by hanging from a mounting part of a sun visor for the automobile. The mirror adjusted at an angle for being able to confirm side rear blind spots is mounted on its tip end.
Application Date
Application No.
Japanese Patent No. 5020996
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