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The height adjustment component to two molds installed when slushing concrete.
Technology Benefits
The height adjustment component covers with the stiffener which it covered with the screw part, and struck against the crosspiece etc., and fixed, for example, was fixed at right angles to a mold, and makes a crosspiece penetrate with a nail etc.
Technology Application
Construction material
Detailed Technology Description
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a mold height adjustment member that achieves space saving, facilitates fine adjustment of height, and that can be manufactured at low cost.SOLUTION: The proposed height adjustment member comprises a screw portion 1 to be pushed into the object side supporting the height adjustment member from one end, and a plate-shaped seat member 2 fixed to the screw portion 1 that has the screw portion 1 formed through from the other end and supports the mold. The screw portion 1 comprises male screws formed at both ends, and a grip portion 3 is formed in a predetermined range between both ends that can be gripped from the outside.
Application Date
Application No.
Japanese Patent No. 05255013
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