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A new Camera design for cell phones and tablet computers

A new design for Camera that can be used in cell phones and tablet computers
Technology Benefits
Improving camera features,
such as:
1-Higher resolution.
2- More powerful optical zoom.
3- More appropriate filters can be added.
4- Can have a better night vision capability.
Technology Application
Can be used in cell phones & tablet computers.
Detailed Technology Description
1- Captures images and videos more easily.
2- No need to use both hands.
3- Capture pictures and videos more secretly and covertly, i.e.; without paying the attention of the people in the surrounding.
4- Allows cell phone and tablet computers to be used for spying.
5- Allows capturing pictures and videos from fields situated behind us more easily.
6- The mentioned advantages would eliminate the need to buy some extra cell phone photograph accessories.
7- There is no influence on cell phone and tablet computer thickness.
Type of Cooperation
Licensing (Protection) and Investment.
Awarded a Gold Medal in the 2nd World Invention and Innovation Forum held in Foshan, China on 23-25 Nov, 2017 & awarded a Bronze Medal in the International Trade Fair held in Nuremberg, Germany on 2-5 Nov,2017 (iENA2017).

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