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Fabrication for modeling of solar adsorption refrigeration system under nasiriya climate conditions

Fabrication of solar adsorption refrigeration system in hot climate weather
Technology Benefits
Decrease the energy cost by using soiar energy instead of electricity
Technology Application
Utilization from solar energy in refrigeration system in hot climate conditions
Detailed Technology Description
The system consisted of collector/adsorber, condenser and evaporator. The flat plate type collector/ adsorber used clear plane glass sheet of effective exposed area of 0.737 m2. It's built from primary copper tube with 90 cm length and ten concentrating secondary tube with 50cm length, 5cm and 2cm diameter of outer and inner tube respectively. The activated carbon was placed in an annular space between a two coaxial collector/ adsorber pipes. The amount of activated carbon was fixed and was equal to (5.5 kg) for all the experiments that have been performed.During four months (May, June, July and August). The experimental data demonstrated that the refrigerator has a capacity to cool down a mass of 1 kg of water from 35˚C to -0.66˚C in the cooling box.The maximum average coefficient of performance was 0.38
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