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Preparation of vaccine from Staphylococcus aureus superantigens (Staphylogen) For recovery of Atopic Dermatitis/ Eczema Syndrome In Human

New technique was used to prepare a new vaccine candidate from bacterial exotoxine to recovery and treating of human eczema
Technology Benefits
Prepation of new international vaccine for treating eczema
Technology Application
Protect andtreating eczematous lesion for human in all age
Detailed Technology Description
A new technique of five steps were used - as a first time internationally-to isolate, purify, identify and characterize the Staph .aureus exotoxin ( staphylogen / or staphylogenic protein as a superantigen ), where its purity and molecular weight were evaluated by using Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis(PAGE 7.5%).
*- A high purified single band protein of Staph .aureus exotoxin has a molecular weight of 9 47.315) Kd, and eight purified bands of all Staph.aureus antigens have a molecular weight ranged from (13.567 – 549.540)Kd.
*- In vivo results successed to induce eczematous - like lesions on mice ( BALB/C) skin after its experimental infection with staphylogen, all bacterial antigens and two doses of viable cells and OMPs of Staph.aureus, by using a various infection methods : intradermal, spot and prick technique of injection .b- Typical well known histopathological changes of eczematous lesions of AD patients were seen in our study and the same histopathological features were shown in histological examination of slices from eczematous like lesions of mice skin.
* successful therapy of eczematous lesions in all ages of human by superantigen vaccine.
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