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Stability Control System for Vehicles by Using the Gyroscopic Power

This active and smart suspension system can provide a perfect comfort with perfect stability to the vehicle without using an air compressor or a hydraulic pump.
Technology Benefits
By this system, we can produce a low-cost vehicles which have a comfort and stability features and that by doing a simple modification in the manufacturing process.
Technology Application
This system can be use and apply on all vehicles such as sedans, sports, SUVs, buses, and on the large or small transport vehicles it can be even used in trains.
Detailed Technology Description
The suspension system has been invented in the vehicles to provide comfort, with the passage of time and after speed increase of the vehicles there was a need to provide stability as well and many ideas have been evolved to this purpose in order to make suspension sporty, comfortable, medium or adaptive.
The comfortable suspension is not stable at high speed, the sporty suspension is not comfort and the medium suspension is not fully comfortable or fully stable so the adaptive suspension is the best choice.
In this system, I introduce the idea of combining the elements of a full comfortable and a full stability in a mechanical suspension system work under an electronic control and a computer program. This system uses the mechanical forces (Gyroscopic force & Centrifugal force) which produces during the movement inclination of the mass of a vehicle and make it useful by eliminating its negative impact and convert it to a positive impact.
This system consists of two main parts working simultaneously. The first part depends on using the force of all the springs in the suspension system in a vehicle with the centrifugal force that produce during the turns and harnessing all these forces to keep the level of the vehicle's body stable through all conditions of the turns and brakes at different critical speeds and reduce the vehicle's height from the road, which give stability even through strong turns at high speeds while keeping a large proportion of the comfort element in normal conditions because the vehicle that contains this system will be very comfortable on the road and deal with bumps in a high flexibility and this is the function of the second part, all of this can be done without using any air compressors or a hydraulic pumps such as in the current systems (this is the main idea).
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P60G15/00 17/00
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