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Innovation Method for Synthesizing Carbon Nanotubes from Natural gas

Nanomaterials are considered as a distinguishing mark for the twenty-first century due to their extraordinary physicochemical properties. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), pristine carbon atoms linked together as a polymer with a hexagonal arrangement in a monolayer or poly-layers of carbon atoms, have attracted huge attention worldwide
Technology Benefits
The exceptional properties of CNTs make them amenable to wide applications in various areas of life such as removing pullutent, soller cell, and synthesis many parts of cars.
Technology Application
synthesis composites, protact many parts of human bodies from fire and explosion and synthesis full cells
Detailed Technology Description
Modified chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor has been designed for synthesis of few walls carbon nanotubes by using natural gas as carbon source. The synthesis process as carried out in the existence of nitrogen and oxygen gases at 180 ◦C. Natural gas was used a source of carbon in addition of supplying thermal energy instead of electrical energy. Crystallographic, morphological and topographic analyses of CNTs have been studied using powder X-ray diffraction, TEM, Raman spectroscopy and TGA. These analysis indicate that the synthesized CNTs with purity more than 65% outer diameter 6.89-9.7nm, inner diameter 2.75-5.88nm and thickness 3-5 of grapheme layers with length of tubes reach to 1-2μm.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
Application No.
C01B2202/06, Y10S977/843
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