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(The control on the movement of terrorists and the transfer of explosives in Iraq and the world)

We have to control the movement of terrorists and their transport through identification paper
Technology Benefits
Electronic sensors to detect people who carry or deal with chemical materials through the identification papers because they will have got the user̕s Finger prints .
Technology Application
It is used to detect and identify thse who deal with or have already dealt with explosives
Detailed Technology Description
To control the movement of terrorists and their transport to the explosive materials in vehicles , we can put Nano Sensors in car door Fists , the steering wheel and the back box of the car.
The sensors will detect people who carry or deal with the explosive material so they are returned back to electric circuits and prevent the movement of the car , then they are given a radio signals to the security Forces to do suitable procedures
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
Application No.
Holds the silver medal in gallery world federation inventors november 2017

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