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Chemical characterization,antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of methanolic extract of Hymenocrater longiflorus in Iraq

Hymenocrater longiflorus was first collected from northern of Iraq. Eleven chemical composition of this plant was investigated by usin HPLC-ESI/MS. Free radicals was evaluate by DPPH and cytotoxicity of RKO and U2OS cell line by MTT.these result observed that this plant have strong anticancer plant because of flavonoids and phenolic acid compounds.
Technology Benefits
A new plant with less or no side effect on human colon and osteosarcoma cancer
Technology Application
A novel anticancer plant extract on human cancer
Detailed Technology Description
The study was designed to investigate the antioxidant and antitumor potentials of Hymenocrater longiflorus growing in Iraq against RKO and U2OS cell line.
1- plant extracted with 70% methanol and identified by HPLC-ESI/MS.
2- Free radicals scarvinging activities by DPPH.
3- Cell viabilities determined by usin MTT assay.
4- assessment of γ H2AX histone formation by immunoflourescence assay.
5- western blot of cells protein using B-actin,actinin, PARP,P21 and p53.
6- assessment of cell cycle usinf FACS analysis.

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