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Conversion of Poultry Feather to Protein Hydrolysate for Broiler Chickens Feeding

Poultry feather protein which is indigestable converted to digestable protein using eco-friendly method (enzymes), and utilized in replacing the imported protein in poultry ration formula
Technology Benefits
Preparing value-added product from environment polluting byproduct by economic cost, not more than 25% of the imported product cost.
Technology Application
Feed formula for poultry and fish.
Detailed Technology Description
PF contains about 85% indigestible protein (keratin), this protein is converted to digestible protein using locally prepared protease. The autoclaved feather treated with the protease and incubated to acheive the desired hydrolysis degree then dried and tested for the aminoacids composition. This product utilized in broiler ration as partial and compelete replacement for imported protein. The results indicated that the broilers which served diet with 7% feather hydrolysate protein (T6) was comparable to the control treatment (served diet with commercial protein).
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